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Our diverse ensemble of voice over artists provides background voices and sound for film, tv, commercials, games and animation. We offer spotting, casting, voice matching and everything in between. From beginning to end, we are there to make sure the experience of looping your project is easy and affordable. With our roster of talent, we’ve got you covered on all projects big and small.


From beginning to end, we are there to make sure, no matter what type of project (era, age, genre, theme), we’ve got your back. We make the experience of looping your project an easy and affordable one.


We provide voices for an array of ages, languages and accents. Our talent is drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds with direct knowledge of jargon across industries.


Looping is a team sport. Our recurring workshops are centered on keeping our skills sharp and our technique on point. These meetings and exercises ensure that our work is always fluid and cohesive.

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM LOOPTOWN!!! We’re rocketing into 2017 with reckless abandon! Within the past year, we’ve built relationships with studios, animators, directors, film makers, producers and so many others who have been in need of some good ol’ fashioned loopin’! Our roster of loopers is solid and is continuously growing, with talent in the…

What is Looping?

What is Looping?

So, what is looping exactly? Looping is adding background voices and dialogue in movies, TV, video games, commercials and animation. It’s what you call Group ADR or Additional Dialogue Recording. It’s required when the original vocal audio needs to be fixed or vocal audio needs to be added, be it dialogue (dubbing), efforts (sounds of…

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Amy Ulrich & Kelly Jean Badgley

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Amy and Kelly Jean are kick ass.

Oh, you want to know more??? Okay then…

These two bombshells are a team of voice over artists who are passionate about bringing to life background voices for film, tv, commercials, games and animation. They have brought together a wide range of versatile talent, honed the group’s walla skills and pride themselves on being able to deliver a top notch, diverse and cohesive loop group.

They lead their talent. Coach them. Prepare them. They do the job so you don’t have to.


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